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Thursday 3 August 2017

Oh No! See What Happened to a Young Man Who Slept with His Mom After She Seduced Him

*Photo used for illustrative purpose*
A Nigerian man has shared the shocking story of what happened to a young man after he began having s*x with the mother. The psychological impact of having s*x with a relative has been brought to fore by a sad story shared by a man identified as Ayodele Adeyemi on Facebook, while discussing on r*pe and s*x without consent.
The man narrated what happened to a young man who began having s*x with the mother after the death of his father.
Read the story below:
"There was a story of a young man whose father died when he was fifteen, his mother got so attached to him to the extend that she started feeling him,leaning on him for support and all that,one day rain fell and only two of them were at home the mum began to smooch and the boy responded by fucking his mother, that was it.
The boy revealed that sometimes he will be in the lecture room and his mother will call him to come and handle his father's responsibilities...... Fast forward to the time the guy turned 32grs,everyone wanted this guy to get married but the guy already enjoys sleeping with his mother so no marriage.
They ferried him to Canada, the boy came back after three months saying he doesn't enjoy s*x with any other person but his mother. Now, Bunmi how do you explain this? What do you think this boy will turn to? When the mother dies what do you think will become of that boy?"

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