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Wednesday 2 August 2017

See the Shocking Moment a Man was Brutally Beaten by Gang Inside a Train Over Smoking of Marijuana (Photos)

The group attacking the man aboard a train
Here is the shocking moment a gang of youngsters brutally attacked a 44-year-old man on a Dallas train after he asked them to stop smoking marijuana. The video showing the shocking moment a 44-year-old father was beaten by a gang of youngsters on board a Dallas train after asking them to stop smoking marijuana, on Sunday as they rode towards Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas, has emerged on social media.
According to Dailymail, the victim identified as Kennan Jones, who had asked the group to stop smoking marijuana on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit train, was attacked by the group which included young men and women who punched him and threw him against the train's doors before arriving at the station.
Once the train had come to a stop, they spilled out on to the platform. One of the young women then hit Jones in the head with a skateboard as he lay reeling on the ground. She calmly walked away from him afterwards with the skateboard still in her hand. 
A fellow passenger filmed the attack and shared the footage with DFW, CBS's local station in Texas. In the video, at least one other passenger tries to intervene but was slapped away.  
Jones was taken to hospital after the incident but has since been released. He had visible facial injuries when he spoke to the network.  
'Everything just went from 0 to 100. I’m just very happy to be here… happy to hug my kids,' he said. 
The man said he tried to recoil during the attack and told the gang: 'OK, OK. Y'all win,' but they persisted. 

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