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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Shameless Man Caught Having S*x with Family's Pet Donkey After Seducing it with Carrots (Photos)

Everett Lee Compton
A man has found himself in serious trouble after he was caught red-handed bonking a pet donkey around 1:30am. A man has been arrested by the police after being accused of having s*x with a family’s pet donkeys after “seducing” them with carrots, The Sun UK has reported
It was gathered that the man identified as Everett Lee Compton, 49, was filmed luring one of the female animals with the vegetable three times after sneaking into their field in the middle of the night, cops said.
He then put a bag over her head before getting behind her, said police files. Compton then “placed his pelvis against it’s rear” while appearing  “to have some type of sexual interaction” with her.
Policemen went after him and arrested him after he had hidden behind bushes when a donkey was heard braying around 1.30 a.m while he was bonking the animal.
When he was arrested, he told an officer he was taking a walk. He later said he had given the donkeys carrots but denied having s*x with them.
Compton also reportedly claimed marijuana made him “do sick things” when told there was footage of him – and promised to get help if he was not charged.
The donkeys’ owners Emert and Joyce Whitaker said they rigged up the camera after problems with people harassing their pets for three years.
Emert posted several “No Trespassing” and “Do Not Feed Animals” signs around the property, reports KRON4.
But they did not stop the problem so he set up a camera to catch intruders to the donkey’s field by their house. Compton was booked into Benton County jail on a string of bestiality, animal cruelty and trespassing charges. He is due back in court on September 11.

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