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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Unbelievable: Woman Gives Birth By Herself During Shopping , Then Calmly Walks Home (Video)

The woman gave birth while shopping
A woman has shocked people around the world after a video of her giving birth while standing appeared on the internet. This is the shocking video which emerged recently showing a woman giving birth standing up while out shopping before casually walking home with her child a few minutes later. 
In the footage, the woman can be heard screaming out after her water breaks.
A few seconds later, the newborn drops from between the woman’s legs onto the ground, leaving her long dress stained in blood.
The dramatic birth happened in the city of Yunfu in China’s southern Guangdong Province in front of shocked locals.
It is unclear whether she had been prepared for childbirth, but she appeared not to know how to handle the situation.
Nurses arrived shortly afterwards to help the new mum cut the baby’s umbilical cord.
But despite her ordeal, the woman, believed to be in her 30s, refused to go to hospital for further checks, choosing to walk home instead with the baby in one arm and her shopping in the other.
Witnesses said they had never seen anything like it in their lives and could not help but admire the woman’s apparent fitness and strength.
Watch the video below:

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