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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Husband Snatcher Loses 1-year-old Marriage, Range Rover, As Hubby Files For Divorce (Photos)

The lady who was gifted a range rover
The marriage of a female teacher has crashed a year after her highly publicized wedding where her then husband to be, surprised her with a brand new Range Rover. 
A 1-year-old marriage of a Lusaka business man in Zambia, which was highly publicized last year and caught many people's attention after the man surprised his fiancee with a brand new 2016 Range Rover at her kitchen party, has come to an end leaving the lady in a pool of tears.
According to Zambian Watchdog the man identified as Davies Mukumbwa, filed for divorce and repossessed his Range Rover from his former lover known as Patricia Mwelwa, in a divorce certificate issued and dated 12th February 2018.
It was learnt that Davies who had left his wife to propose and marry his side-chick, will now pay Patricia K12,000.00 in monthly installment as compensation and alimony.
Davies has since taken the Range Rover back to his first wife and claims the entire episode was a mistake. He has since reconciled with his first wife and family.

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