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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Our Son Was Neither A Cultist Nor Yahoo Boy - Parents Of OOU Student Murdered Alongside His Girlfriend

Parents of 300-Level OOU student murdered alongside his girlfriend

Guardians of the 300L understudy of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, who was killed close by his better half, have at last ended their quiet as they share their distress and agony of losing their child. 

Guardians of 300-Level OOU understudy killed close by his better half 

His face was an obvious that he was under a serious enthusiastic torment. His eyes were ragged looking, prove that he had battled with rest for very nearly four days without progress, regardless of being quieted. 

At times, he gazed upward as he sat on an asking mat in his humble living room to recognize welcome from neighbors and companions who had united there to sympathize with him on the passing of his 22-year-old child, Adebisi. 

That was the woeful situation on Tuesday at the home of Prince Adedeji Oriade-Oyede, a one story-building situated at Oju-Ore in Ota, Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, when our journalist went there to talk with him on the episode. 

His child, Adebisi, who was a 300-Level Computer Science undergrad of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, was purportedly killed close by his better half, Julia Imaga, on May 28, 2018, at Oru-Awa Ijebu pivot by an asserted individual from Aiye faction gathering, Babatunde Muritala and two different assistants. 

The two associates were Owolabi Razak prevalently known as 'Iku' and one Sodiq, who is still on the run. Inspiring him to discuss the grim way his child was killed was very troublesome. He seemed to have backslid into a passionate injury, much the same as somebody remembering a horrendous experience from a bad dream. 

In the wake of requesting that our reporter sit on the empty seat close to one of the sympathizers, he started, "Adebisi would have been 22 years of age on November 27, 2018, yet for those devilish individuals, drove by Babatunde Muritala who cut his life and predetermination short. 

"He was conceived on November 27, 1996. He was such a tranquil and accommodating kid who detested any type of inconvenience. I never heard that he at any point battled with anyone. 

"He was the second youngster among the three kids their mom, Maria, had for me." 

The killed understudy 

The murdered student
Adebisi, as per the Ogun State Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Iliyasu, probably been killed on Monday May 28, 2018 by his attackers. He said this while marching the suspects close by 22 others captured for different offenses extending from furnished burglary, cultism to taking and assault. 

They were marched on Friday, June 22 at the summon's base camp at Eleweran, Abeokuta. 

He had said Adebisi's senior sibling, Adeola, had on June 3, 2018, answered to the police that he(Adebisi) had left home since May 28, 2018 with his sweetheart in his auto, Honda Crosstour with number plate FST 350 FA, however still couldn't seem to return. 

After accepting the protest, the men of the Inspector-General of Police's Intelligence Response Team together with men of the state police order swung vigorously. 

Through specialized insight, Muritala and Razak were captured and proof, for example, Adebisi's iPhone x and two sets of tennis shoes likewise having a place with him were recouped from them. 

Iliyasu included that cross examination, the suspects admitted that they executed Adebisi and his better half. 

He stated, "They said they baited the casualties to an intersection at Oru Ijebu, where they were compellingly taken to a close-by transport and they crushed their heads with boards and firearm." 

While talking with columnists, Muritala affirmed that he had a place with Aiye religion gathering and that he and two different accessories executed the casualties. 

He charged that he and the late Adebisi had a managing identifying with a web misrepresentation in which over N2m was included. 

He additionally guaranteed that Adebisi, notwithstanding numerous calls and supplications, declined to give him his own offer. 

He stated, "He declined to pick my calls and I quit calling him. What's more, on May 28, 2018, I got two different folks to go along with me and we kidnapped Adebisi and his sweetheart. 

"In addition, since he had a place with Alora clique gathering, he and individuals from his gathering were debilitating me, so we later murdered him and his better half by utilizing boards." 

At the point when inquired as to why they murdered Adebisi's better half, he answered, "It was simply to cover our track." 

Nonetheless, late Adebisi's senior sibling, father and mother, exposed the affirmations made by the attacker that he (Adebisi) was a clique part and a web fraudster. 

Setting up barrier for Adebisi, Adeola said his late sibling managed in digital currencies, particularly bitcoin business. He said Adebisi was near some auto merchants and he worked as a go between amongst dealers and purchasers and he got commission. 

He stated, "Muritala's assertions that my more youthful sibling was a cultist and web frauster(yahoo, hurray) were all untruths. 

"I ventured out to Awa-Ijebu to see my sibling in his lodging behind the police headquarters. I knew him well; he was never a cultist nor a Yahoo kid. He was into digital currencies, particularly bitcoin. 

"He similarly was profiting going about as a broker between the individuals who needed to purchase autos and auto merchants. He got his own particular bonus from such deals." 

In his own safeguard, Adebisi's mom, Maria, said she could swear with her life that her late child was not a terrible youngster. She contended that Muritala just killed his child simply out of envy. She clarified that she had a one-on-one discourse with Muritala, at Eleweran, soon after the suspects were marched. 

She stated, "Among every one of my kids, he was the most calm and he couldn't hurt a fly. He didn't stay with awful, substantially less of joining a mystery religion or going into web extortion. 

"At the point when every one of the writers had left after Muritala and different suspects had been marched at Eleweran, I drew nearer to him and asked him, 'For what reason did you murder my child? His answer was, 'I slaughtered him since I begrudged him.'" 

Presently attempting to battle back tears, she included, "With the murder of my child, Muritala has taken me to a town square and stripped me bare. 

"My child adored God, he never missed going to chapel. He went to the Redeemed Christian Church of God and never missed the month to month Holy Ghost benefit at the Redemption camp. 

"He never smoked nor drank liquor and very unassuming. I realized that he was helping individuals to purchase autos from merchants and he earned commission from such deals." 

On his part, Adebisi's dad likewise stated, "My child was never a cultist nor a web fraudster. The suspect, Babatunde Muritala, continued returning and forward. He was cited to have said that my late child used to assist him with cash yet all of a sudden he ceased and wound up egotistical and that was the reason he slaughtered him." 

Julia's mom, Mrs Olamma Ofor, who sobbed amid the procession of the suspects, was excessively despondency stricken, making it impossible to converse with writers. Whatever she could murmur was, "She was my little girl; she was only 18 and they were simply squandered that way. Equity must be served for this situation." 

In spite of the fact that Adebisi's remaining parts had been covered in his dad's compound at Ota, his dad and mom are similarly soliciting that the executioners from their kids should confront the anger of the law. 

The dad stated, "All I need from the administration is that equity must be served for this situation. They had executed my child, they ought to likewise endure a similar destiny." 

"He slaughtered my child underhandedly, he ought to likewise pay the preeminent cost," included the mother. 

Winnowed from: PUNCH. 

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