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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Excellent Actress, Juliet Ibrahim Reveals How She Rose From Being A Refugee To Celebrity

Juliet shared this photo on Instagram
Lovely performer, Juliet Ibrahim has recounted the account of how she ascended from being nothing to turning into a VIP. 

Juliet shared this photograph on Instagram 

Prominent Ghanaian on-screen character, Juliet Ibrahim has shared a when photograph (seen above) of her recently finished house in Accra, Ghana. 

The lady likewise shared a touch of her elegance to beauty story and how she ascended from being an outcast from Liberia to turning into a star on-screen character. 

As indicated by her, everything began like a fantasy. 

Read her full post underneath: 

"It began as a fantasy, resolutely working starting with one set then onto the next; shooting more than 6 motion pictures in multi month just to bring home the bacon. 

"She reviewed how her insusceptible framework will separate and her friends and family would ask "wouldn't you be able to simply require some investment off and rest?" Just like each young lady, She had a fantasy, She needed to achieve her determination set out before she turned 30! 

"In April 2015, Juliet got her first house as her 29th birthday celebration present. 'I'm to a great degree thankful to God Almighty who has possessed the capacity to permit this no one be a some person! 'Says Juliet. 

"Numerous don't recognize what being an evacuee resembles; truly she didn't have anything and needed to begin starting with no outside help to get to where she is today. This is only the start of numerous more favors to come since whatever you trust you can accomplish. Time and diligent work has any kind of effect! #NeverGiveUp #Testimony #MisFitToHero #OSG @olorisupergal @thetosinajibade"

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