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Friday, 22 June 2018

Pregnant Linda Ikeji Sends Out Public Warning To People Awaiting The Birth Of Her Baby (Photo)

Linda Ikeji
Nigeria's most successful blogger, Linda Ikeji, has sent out a note of warning to people who are awaiting the birth of her baby. Linda Ikeji is apparently very ecstatic about the fact that she would soon become a mother. The woman who made a name for herself as the most famous blogger in Nigeria, has often talked about her pregnancy and how she would dote on her son once he arrives.
In a new post she made on Instagram, Linda Ikeji sent a lighthearted warning to people waiting for her to put to bed. According to her, she is aware that people think she is too rich to want anything from them, but she is not. So, she is warning people to discard the thought of not sending her any gifts once she gives birth.
In the lighthearted note she wrote, she warned all those waiting for her put to bed, to get their gifts ready because she is ready to them.
She wrote: "Now let me make a very public and official warning. People always say 'Linda has money, Linda has money' so people hardly give me anything. 

"'What do you give a woman who can buy anything she wants?', they say. Is that so? Pls pls, I don't want to hear that nonsense when my son is born. I want gifts! Baby gifts. 

"So all of you be warned! And start preparing"

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