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Friday, 22 June 2018

Woman Reveals How Okada Man Saved Her From Embarrassment At Oyingbo Market In Lagos

Olashile Abayomi
A woman has shared a recent encounter at the market between her and an Okada man which left her touched for life. A beautiful Nigerian businesswoman, Olashile Abayomi has shown that inspite of the cruel world we find ourselves and all manner of evil things being done by humans, there are still good people on earth.
Abayomi narrated an experience how an okada man (commercial motorcycle rider) came to her rescue after an embarrassing encounter.
According to her, she had gone to the market to buy food stuff and while on her way back, it was raining.
But, unknown to her, the zip of the skirt she wore had unhooked showing her bare bum to the world. However, she couldn't hold herself from tears after an Okada man against all odds came to her rescue in a most remarkable manner.
Read it in the screenshots below:

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