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Thursday 9 August 2018

Sweet Love: Chinese Man Embraces Islam, Marries Nigerian Muslim Girl (Photos)

The Chinese man who embraced Islam, married a Muslim Nigerian girl (Photo source: Rariya Facebook page)
A Chinese man has shown just how much of a magic love is after he embraced a new religion just to be with the woman he loves. A Chinese man who recently embraced Islam, has married a young Nigerian Muslim girl, after he came all the way from his country with a family member to marry the lady, according to Islamic rites in Plateau state. 
The Chinese man, his relation during his Islamic traditional marriage rites
Photos which emerged online show the Chinese man who accepted Islam before he tied the knot with the young Muslim girl, dressed in Nigerian male native wear designed with Guinea fabric and cap (also known by its Yoruba name, fila).  
He was also spotted with his relative and a Nigerian man believed to be a family of the bride.  
See more photos below;

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