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Wednesday 19 December 2018

20-Year-Old Nigerian Man And Others Jailed For Carrying Out Deadly Poisonous Substance Attack In London (Photo)

A court in London has jailed a Nigerian man for his role in carrying out a deadly poisonous attack in the country. Three people including a Nigerian have been jailed for carrying out a violent noxious substance attack in Ilford, East London.
At Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday, 17 December, William Deo, 20, and Adam Badejo, 20, were both sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for grievous bodily harm (GBH), 12 years for robbery and two years for actual bodily harm (ABH).
Makayla Hajaig, 19, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for GBH, eight years for robbery and 18 months for ABH. All sentences will be served concurrently.
The three were found guilty of the offences at the same court on Tuesday, 27 November.
The court heard that the two male victims, both aged 21 at the time of the attack, were lured to an address in Ilford on Wednesday, 13 June.
A substance, believed to be ammonia, was thrown at both men as revenge for a video posted online.
One of the victims also had the noxious liquid forcibly poured down his throat, leaving him with serious internal injuries.
He was placed in an induced coma and remained in hospital for three weeks. He has since made a full recovery.
Police launched an investigation and following a public appeal the suspects were arrested in June.

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