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Wednesday 19 December 2018

Shocker: Taxify Driver And Two Passengers Found Unconscious Inside Car In Lagos Traffic (Video)

The occupants of the vehicle were found unconscious
A Taxify driver and his two passengers have been reportedly found unconscious inside their car in Lagos traffic. 

It was pure pandemonium that took over recently at the Lekki tollgate after a Taxify driver and his two passengers were found unconscious in the area while still in their car.
The shocking incident occurred on Wednesday, 18th December, 2018. The driver and passengers were found unconscious while waiting to pass through the tollgate.
Local reports say that the window of the car had to be broken to gain access to the three persons inside the vehicle and rescue them.
The three occupants, though still breathing, were all unconscious, with their eyes wide open.
The Taxify app was also found still running. The police later came to evacuate them and rush them to a hospital in an ambulance.
Their current state is not known.

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