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Friday 18 January 2019

Wife Burns Husband Alive For Refusing To Give Her His Phone's Password (Graphic Photos)

The man died after two days
A man has lost his life after his wife burnt him with petrol for refusing to give her his phone's password. A jealous wife has found herself in serious trouble after she allegedly burnt her husband alive because he refused to give her his phone’s PIN code.
The woman identified as Ilham Cahyani, 25, asked Dedi Purnama, 26, to give her the passcode to his mobile device while he was working on the roof of their home repairing tiles in the village of Pandanwangi, Indonesia, but he refused.
An argument ensued and he climbed down from the roof and hit her. 
This led to a physical fight and Cahyani allegedly grabbed hold of a can of petrol and poured it over Dedi.
She then set him alight with a lighter.
A witness identified as Oji told reporters how he had run over to the scene after spotting the flames. He saw Dedi on fire and helped put the fire out.
Police chief Made Yogi revealed Purnama was rushed to the Keruak Health Centre and underwent treatment for two days. Sadly, he died after the second day.

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