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Friday 22 March 2019

Comedian Okey Bakassi Speaks On Ties With Illuminati

Okey Bakassi 
Okey Bakassi's actions on social media had earlier sparked off rumours that he might be associated with the Illuminati. Versatile Nigerian actor and comedian, Okey Bakassi has denied having any ties or business with the Illuminati.
This is coming after he posted a picture showing him throwing up one of the signs of the organisation, and some assumed he had connections with the Illuminati.
In a bid to clear the air, Bakassi said he shouldn’t be misconstrued for throwing up the sign because it is a conventional sign for OK.
He wrote on social media,
“I see you…It’s Ok with you, my wonderful friends, family and fans.
#dontworry #behappy
Note: I have no business with Illuminati…whatever. The hand sign is a conventional sign for “Ok” .
If it means something else to you or your group, it’s your business.”

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