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Tuesday 29 October 2019

Shocker! Wedding Guest Caught Cheating With Married Father As Photos Of Them Kissing Emerge

wedding guest caught cheating
The woman originally went to the photobooth to take sweet kissing pics with her date

A wedding guest has been caught cheating with a married father during the wedding ceremony as photos emerge.
These days it's pretty common for newlyweds to have a photobooth filled with all sorts of quirky props at their wedding.

However, one couple's sweet idea to get loved ones to share pictures of their special day spectacularly backfired when one badly-behaved guests was caught cheating with a married father in the photobooth.
And to make matters worse, the DJ then shared innocently shared the photos on Facebook where the man's wife spotted them.

Posting photos of the anonymous couple on Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum, a fellow guest at the wedding wrote: "The DJ posted these photos the day after the wedding.

"The girl in red came as a date with the Shark Head dude. The purple shirt guy then made out with her in the photo booth."

And just when we thought this story couldn't get any more excruciatingly awkward, turns out the married father was even kissing the anonymous girl in red "in front of his kids" when their partner was preoccupied.
wedding guest caught cheating
However, she was then pictured with a married father whose children were also at the wedding

Having spotted her husband with his hands wrapped around another woman online, the wife then allegedly shared the pictures to her own Facebook page where she called out his infidelity.

After one user in the forum said "I'm not sure to upvote this or not", the outraged guest replied: "Yeah it's really awful. His wife saw it and shared it on Facebook and I felt the same.

"Like hell ya girl, share that to everyone but also it's so sad."

Expressing sympathy for the man and the woman's date (otherwise known as "Sharkboy"), the guest added: "She and purple shirt were chugging [beer] at the ceremony and were already hammered by dinner."
Horrified by the couple's behaviour, one user wrote: "What an absolute mess. Poor Sharkboy!"
Another added: "At a wedding! I'm rolling, this is so messed up.

"So you go to a wedding to celebrate cheating. These people are trash. It sounds like a s****y group of friends to be a part of.

"I would back away slowly after enjoying the sweet, sweet drama of it all."

Source: The Sun UK

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