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Friday 18 October 2019

Woman Cheats Death As Crowd Rescues Her After She Fell Into The Path Of Oncoming Train (Video)

Woman saved from train
The scene of the incident

A woman has cheated death after a crowd rescued her when she fell into the path of the train.
A woman managed to cheat death after commuters quickly came to her rescue before a train could crush her.

The woman fell directly onto the tracks of an oncoming subway train on Tuesday, October 15. Security camera footage shows a man fainting on a crowded subway platform in Buenos Aires. As he fell, he inadvertently pushed the woman off the platform and onto the tracks.

A train was approaching fast at that time but commuters were able to wave for the train to stop. The train managed to slow down in time for the woman to be dragged out of the tracks.

Watch the video below.

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