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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Shocker! 2 Men Boiled Alive After Their Car Got Swallowed By Hot Sinkhole In The Middle Of Road (Photos)

two men boiled alive
The Lada Largus is hauled from the steaming sink hole in the city of Penza on Tuesday. Two men were inside the car, both had been killed

Two men have been boiled alive after their car was swallowed up by a hot sinkhole in the middle of the road.
Two men were boiled alive today when their Lada car suddenly submerged into a sink hole of scorching water that opened up in a Russian city.

The pair were trapped in the vehicle in Penza and died 'almost immediately'.

Distressing pictures showed their bodies being lifted by crane from the 167F water alongside wreckage of their Lada Largus car.

A burst hot water pipe under a car park was seen as the cause of the horror.
two men boiled alive
The dead men are seen with their arms outstretched lying in the road after their car was pulled out of the hole today

In Russia hot water is piped to work and residential buildings for heating during the severe winters.

'What an horrendous way to die - one moment you are driving a car, the next underground drowning in hot water,' said one woman.

The dead men were not named.

The local Ministry of Emergencies said: 'A car fell as a result of the ground collapsing.
'Sadly people were killed.'

two men boiled alive
The steaming wreckage of the Lada is seen in the middle of the road today after it plunged into a sink hole full of hot water

A journalist from Penza Vzglyad local news website said: 'Another car drove over the same spot minutes before the accident.

'The driver noticed ground beginning to steam - and quickly drove off.

'Then these two men came.

'They parked - and the asphalt collapsed right under them.'

There was an outpouring of anger with the local authorities on social media.

Senior officials were at the site of the tragedy.
Source: Daily Mail UK

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