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Wednesday 16 August 2017

See the 'Strange' Fish Nigerian Man Caught While Excavating a Residential Area in Bayelsa (Photo)

A Nigerian man has shocked many people on social media after he posted a photo of a strange fish he caught at a residential area. 
A Nigerian man by name, Emmanuel Emmanuel Udoh, has shocked people after sharing the photo of a strange fish he caught while excavating a residential area in Bayelsa state.
Taking to his social media to reveal to his friends, he wrote: "About yesterday! 

"OK ..while excavating in a residential /built-up area I found lots of this. And they are quite huge! This one na small one sef😕
For real...... 😱
"Before I ask if it's edible. I wonder what could make fishes leave the rivers and streams to shallow waters in residential areas.
"Could it be that the natural waters have been so destroyed by oil exploration, that they now migrate to safer waters with less pollution or it's just a natural occurrence? 😕
"Now is this edible? Cos they are lots of them here."

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